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does this game take place in the same universe as gta iv? (Archived)
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ANyone else confused between "The Agency" and this title? (Archived)coastalliving811/25/2009
Agent to be set at least partially in Cairo! (Archived)downthrough711/24/2009
So what game will hit the PS3 first? (Archived)Zoomer30710/20/2009
LA Noire has possibly gone multi-plat, Agent inevitably ending up the same? (Archived)
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what kinds of guns/technology they have in the 70's? (Archived)
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Agent to have multiplayer (Archived)gtaking529/13/2009
more then likely this will come out for the 360 (Archived)
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Stealth (Archived)
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2010 release confirmed? (Archived)the415Anamoly29/6/2009
So is this... (Archived)White_wolf_eye59/4/2009
this and God of War 3 is pushing me to want a PS3 (Archived)C2BARBARIAN78/14/2009
Possible Bellic encounters? (Archived)Stuntman5ETH107/30/2009
A great interview with R* on why it's a PS3 exclusive. (Archived)
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You can never spell Agent without the letters GTA! (Archived)renaclaudeshaus47/22/2009
Info Predictions topic: 1st trailer, boxart reveal and release date (Archived)zeppelincheetah47/21/2009
What Do You Think The Game Will Be Like? (Archived)Gamer_4_Fun47/21/2009
Will this use Euphoria? (Archived)M12299237/18/2009
predictions topic - what are your predictions on this game? (Archived)zeppelincheetah87/14/2009
Agent To Push The - (Archived)ChiefMahwoo27/6/2009
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