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"Very, very different storylines, very different character development." (Archived)zeppelincheetah27/2/2009
The game PS3 owners have been waiting for.... (Archived)
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do you think agent will surpase gta? (Archived)
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Website's up (Archived)mfwahwah36/26/2009
wz great power comes great responsibility....what if the game failed?!!!! (Archived)2mrw66/25/2009
Rockstar North Jobs (Archived)Rikuide_Furame86/21/2009
You think this game will have its own song? (Archived)M12299236/19/2009
Have Rockstar North just started working on this game? (Archived)veryhappyyes96/18/2009
Do you think it'll be sandbox? (Archived)TheGoldenState96/15/2009
L.A. Noire? (Archived)
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how long have you been a fan of Rockstar North/DMA? (Archived)
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Do we know anything about this game other than the title? (Archived)AceResurrected76/10/2009
I for one, beleive this will be a freeroaming 3rd person shooter (Archived)demonkid6356/10/2009
Agent (Archived)ckcsabre76/8/2009
Anyone else still worried about L.A. Noire? (Archived)pizzamanopenup76/8/2009
The setting makes it delicious also (Archived)Gamer_4_Fun56/7/2009
Thinker: this is only Rockstar North's third game series (Archived)zeppelincheetah66/6/2009
i was expecting a gta for ps3 only (Archived)
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what do you hope will be in this game? (Archived)aNimeKing3356/5/2009
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