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Now I'm pretty sure but just want to confirm that you can switch a class that is part of one discipline to a class of the same discipline, say Pugilist to Archer, I would be very upset if you could only play one class per discipline.

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Thank you, I had seen plenty of examples of classes being switched that are part of their respective disciplines but no example of a class swap with two classes of the same discipline.


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Yeah, all you have to do is equip a different weapon type. You then switch to the related class, regardless of what discipline it is.
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I'm hoping you'll be able to re-arrange your stats fairly easily too. People keep saying they don't want it to be easy, but i don't recall my switching from melee to mage being a big issue in FFXI. Outside of gear of course.
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Yea but in FFXI you were forced back to your mog house...people don't want stat re-allocation to be on the fly so the system isn't abused...meaning I'm leveling as a DPS (solo) and after the battle I switch to a staff so I can cure myself (of course, solo it wouldn't be too bad but think of party situations where everyone is switching classes after battle to heal themselves)...A quick fix that people suggested is that you would be in a weakened state for a couple minutes after switching classes, while others have said that you should at the very least be forced to run back to a city or town to re-allocate stat points.
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I would not mind at all having to return to my mog house to do something like stat changing. Either that or the weakened state. Being able to change as jobs on the fly is one of the biggest draws for FFXI and FFXIV. I really don't want to see anything impede that this time. I do however understand that something has to be done for game balance.
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I do not understand why people want those restrictions. Changing classes is only done when you are not fighting, right? So what does it matter if someone can change classes in between fights? It will not mess up the group combat or anything. If you had restrictions on changing classes one the fly, it would defeat the purpose of being able to change classes on the fly right? I thought the whole point was so that players could quickly and easily change play styles or help to lessen down time and things like that.
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They aren't worried about the changing classes. They are worried about the stats. Honestly to me they both go hand in hand. While you can probably change from mage class to another mage class without changing stats, it will definitely become a problem going melee to mage. I just want to know what the method of changing stats is going to be so I can relax a bit.
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Oh I thought it was automatic that you get to reset your stats when you change classes. It would seem silly if you were not able to immediately change your stats to fit your class when you changed imo. Even different mages would focus on different stats right?