Final Fantasy 14 registration Code? =(

#1Jecht123567Posted 9/30/2011 6:50:34 PM
HI I just got This used Final fantasy 14 Collectors edition box set a few days ago From Ebay (what a Mistake) everything was good up untill Square enix asked me for a 20 character registration code i put it in but no luck i think the person who had it before me used it up (i researched how important it is and how it can only be used once )...i am a hard core fan of the series and been dreaming about playing this one (even though is has been given bad reviews) for a while now. I know there are alot of people asking for this code in here and i know this msg might just fall on deaf ears but i must ask because i don't want my hard earn cash to be wasted...does a blessed soul have a code that they are not using... i would be highly appreciative.... if i could i would kiss u feet and praise u as king that u are... so once again i ask if anybody who has purchased Final Fantasy 14 and feel like its not for them May i please have your code or can some body just please direct me to a place where i can obtain a new one many thanks to the people who atleast consider to help me and my blessing for those who Point me in the right direction... greetings from NY!! (Male 24yrs old , armed security guard preparing to be come a Firefighter for the FDNY)
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wrong board

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You'll need to go to the PC board and ask anyone with the Collector's Edition for a buddy code.
#4SunshineladyPosted 10/1/2011 2:06:56 PM
Chances of anyone giving you a code is somewhere around 0-2%.

You should go in the process of getting your money back from the seller. Every issue I've ever had on Ebay has always been resolved. Contact the seller and let him know the code is invalid. Unless of course his ebay item page clearly says the bidding is for the disc and package only and not the code, then its all on you and you need to suck it up and properly buy a new disc somewhere for 20 bucks.
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