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i was ALMOST overjoyed... (Archived)
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OFFICIAL FFXIV "What we know" Topic. Please come here before posting. (Archived)
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Wait...if the 5 races are here... (Archived)
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Just when you thought SE was starting to open their eyes.. (Archived)
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Did anyone hear anything about trophies? (Archived)Marblez200736/3/2009
Coolie (Archived)NECRONOMIKORN36/3/2009
You think SE will even reconcider MPK back in the game? (Archived)Vodkachino96/3/2009
I dislike the idea of this game being MMO (Archived)_T035_26/3/2009
was ither for the demo or that was TENZEN in the video (Archived)shiva999926/3/2009
Summoning (Archived)Emerald_Melios66/3/2009
Nobua will be doing the score (Archived)
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New Game = New Races Plox! (Archived)
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Paladins (Archived)FFFanboy7891226/3/2009
Yes!the lady on the FFXIV logo is showing her tushie! Game of the Decade! ^_^ (Archived)xenosaga123106/3/2009
JUST IN! SQUARE CONSIDERING BRINGING THIS TO 360! (caps) (Archived)tw1g_00746/3/2009
Where do you get your Final Fantasy/Square news? (Archived)Cytota36/3/2009
Official website up. (Archived)Alky8856/3/2009
**** You SE *RAGE* (Archived)
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do you want to be able to switch classes as in XI or just pick your class (Archived)
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After they see the amazing sales of ff13 for 360 this will come next (Archived)
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