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gameplay revealed at Gamescom in August (Archived)xenosaga12317/30/2012
ps3 wireless keypad (Archived)vash_xD37/29/2012
how was auction house in FFXIV (Archived)SaekoB57/28/2012
Need a LS on Gungnir! (Archived)KupoTime17/28/2012
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Archived)Tiael77/28/2012
brand new epic CG Trailer!!! best CG FMV in Final Fantasy history!! (Archived)xenosaga12367/27/2012
To Kill a Raven (Archived)Spookimitsu27/26/2012
A REALM REBORN board is up (Archived)xenosaga12327/26/2012
New patch notes and tons of info!! new emote too!! (Archived)xenosaga12317/25/2012
Will i be able to play with friends on PS3 with my PC in beta? (Archived)abbeldydoo67/25/2012
Letter from the Producer XXXII new screens! (Archived)xenosaga12327/23/2012
FFXIV Castrum Novum battles and cutscenes with Nobuo music!! (story spoilers) (Archived)xenosaga12317/22/2012
found a LP FFXIV video. That's a lot of Goobues (Archived)xenosaga12317/22/2012
the arrival of Dalamud???? (story spoilers) (Archived)xenosaga12317/21/2012
Grand Company recent contest (Archived)xenosaga12317/20/2012
Letter from the Producer, XXXI (07/11/2012) (Archived)Miyura27/11/2012
Square Enix begins weekly XIV 2.0 updates mid August!! (Archived)xenosaga12327/10/2012
XIV 2.0 questions are answered as they talk more about it. (Archived)xenosaga12367/10/2012
Update on PSBlog. (Archived)
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New Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 race specific clothes, new map areas, and art!! (Archived)xenosaga12327/8/2012
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