Hidden techniques?! I need help I don't get it :[

#1MakkyraePosted 10/2/2009 7:08:34 PM
Okay so I get the press L to move the whole picture around. Can you highlight and move just one part of the flipnote?
Also how do people zoom in and out? Like make the pixels bigger and small?
How do I do the blow to paint thing? It says pick out your paint and hold the select button, but I thought that made straight lines? And I can't figure it out. And people look at me crazy when I start blowing at my dsi and then cursing to the heavens "I dont get it!!!". lol. Are there any other hidden techniques?

And also how do I download music to my dsi? I have down it before by downloading it to the sd card but the all have to be .m4a files which is a pain, is there another way to do it?

Oh yeah, did you guys figure out how to make purple yet on flipnotes? By using to different painting texture and layering them :] its cool.

-Thanks, Makky:]
#2Vegan_ThisPosted 10/5/2009 4:21:57 PM
some one made a topic with some tricks not too long ago. i had already known most of them but here are some i use frequently on mine:

hold start to create a perfect straight line going horizontal or vertical. hold select to creat a straight line as well, but it can go in any directing you want.

holding both select and start makes a perfect square.

as for zooming in, i think it is in the options when you are making a flipnote. isnt it on like the second page with layers? i think there is a zoom in/out option. if its not make sure you have advanced tools on and then try and hold L to see if its there.
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#3Vegan_ThisPosted 10/5/2009 4:22:38 PM
oh and how do you make purple? i havnt tried, since i never use both red and blue in the same flipnote. but im curious all the same. :p
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