I got a question.

#1JOJ650sPosted 9/23/2011 9:53:01 PM
I been thinking of getting Flipnote Studio or Inchworm animation.
I am looking for a good stop motion video maker, but I am not sure what is better.
My videos would use pictures, but I am not sure which would be better.
I have a 3DS, but Flipnote is not out for it yet. (Is Flipnote free by the way?)

Well, I guess my biggest questions are these.
Can Flipnote or Inchworm animation,
-Take pictures by me talking to it? (So I don't have to move back to the DS every time.)
-Can I transfer pictures from it, to my PC, or the other way around?
-Can I make GIF files?
-What are there down side and up side?

Also tell me what you think.

Thanks in advance!
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#2phildoolPosted 9/24/2011 2:19:30 PM(edited)
Flipnote is free, so if you have money/points for inchworm just get both and try them

Edit: you have to wait till flipnote memo if you have a 3ds cus studio won't come to the 3ds but memo should be free
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