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Is there a place to take about FN studios that isn't so dead? (Archived)kirbycool48/17/2009
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can some one rate my flipnotes? (Archived)munchlaxrocks48/17/2009
Rate my first flipnote and what are good tips? (Archived)DMP1158/17/2009
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How do you add a flipnote to ur favorites? (Archived)DMP1128/17/2009
can someone give me step bby step instructions on posting a flipnote online? (Archived)_The_Blode_48/17/2009
What's going on in this animation? (Archived)TheYuke58/17/2009
can someone give me ideas for a flip note to make (Archived)winwithlink28/17/2009
One of my flip notes (Archived)Spazzatack68/17/2009
Did this show up on anyones Club Nintendo To Do List? (Archived)gilgamesh2158/17/2009
What's the reward for messing with this? What's the point? Not a game, obviously (Archived)
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So what's the point of these "Stars"? (Archived)pug_wishbone28/17/2009
How do you put sprites in your animation? (Archived)kirbycool228/17/2009
My first flipnote (Archived)zero11131128/17/2009
Why is the rating system so stupid? (Archived)kirbycool58/17/2009
Anybody want to be friends by favoriting each other as artists? (Archived)
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I finally made a good one! (Archived)Bombsumdodongos48/16/2009
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