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I went from creator ranking 1480 all the way to 2370!!!! (Archived)
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Plz watch, rate, and comment my flipnotes!! (Archived)SNARFINATOR99210/25/2009
A little help please. (Archived)dragon_of_4wind210/23/2009
My Jigsaw Flipnote PLEASE CHECK IT OUT :D. (Archived)ACL0V3R110/23/2009
Choosing the thumbnail? (Archived)ACL0V3R310/18/2009
Check out my Slime animation (Archived)PrivateNickel310/17/2009
My first flipnote (Archived)Sonic_Blast410/12/2009
Noone thought of this spinoff yet >_> (Archived)1337gamed00d110/12/2009
It seems a user called YoshiCookie is stealing Japanese flipnotes... (Archived)
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Total randomocity is back up! 2 comming soon! (Archived)kirbycool310/8/2009
Look forward to tomorrow... (Archived)
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Editing an already uploaded flipnote? (Archived)ACL0V3R210/7/2009
Hidden techniques?! I need help I don't get it :[ (Archived)Makkyrae310/5/2009
Check this out! (Archived)NintendoMan1987110/5/2009
Kirby's Mission Impossible. (Archived)RisenTerran810/5/2009
Spinoffs v.s. Originals (Archived)megamanV110/2/2009
I finally got the hang of making Sonic sprites. (want input) (Archived)RisenTerran49/30/2009
New DSiWare "Art Academy: First Semester" (great for getting good at Flipnote) (Archived)
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Please take the time 2 view this PREDATOR flipnote. (Archived)ShadowNintendo39/27/2009
L button to Advance Tool question/help (Archived)Blingya2529/26/2009
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