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User Info: dragonsnort

5 years ago#1
I have a problem, when Harry gets to the forbidden forest in his second year,(following the spiders) the game crashes, I ran system requirement lab and it said my computer was fine to run the game, I have windows 7 my game is compatible with windows 7.

User Info: Wolfe_CH

5 years ago#2

I've been able to play through the game completely on Windows 7 multiple times.  Your saved-game might be corrupted, so starting over with a new save might work.  If you really can't get past that spot, I have a completed saved game for Windows that you can download.  You'll need to follow the directions carefully, and maybe get some help locally if it's a bit confusing.  The ZIP file is located near the bottom of the thread (the one linked at the top is no longer available).


Lego HP 1-4 Minimal Saved Game



- Chris

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