Check Version Failed? Help me

#1llf0CuSllPosted 9/2/2010 7:23:47 AM
Does anyone else get this code when they double click FFXIV Beta client?

11024 Version check timed out, Please try again later 3.20455.10009,10009

I'll take a picture if needed.
#2IronySandwichPosted 9/2/2010 7:24:18 AM
Servers are down.
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#3llf0CuSll(Topic Creator)Posted 9/2/2010 7:25:20 AM
Oh ok, thanks man.
#4SyxxPakk6Posted 9/2/2010 7:26:16 AM
Use to check when they're back up. To login you need to at least have PATCH - LOGIN - LOBBY and your server on green light.
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#5nmi576Posted 9/2/2010 7:30:39 AM
Thanks for the link.