Error code 3102

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User Info: Rossyman

6 years ago#1
hmmm, anyone had that? can't log in

User Info: duxun1977

6 years ago#2
yeah i got that too but it says cannot connect to world server !!!! lol first time servers are down !!!
games and beer !!!!

User Info: Mobile_Platform

6 years ago#3
Me too. Probably maintenance.
Dude, did you just get ****blocked by Bob Saget?

User Info: Rossyman

6 years ago#4
probly right, be nice if they'd say something like that instead of a random error code

User Info: cwickie

6 years ago#5
yeah i just got the same...I'm on Rabanastre

User Info: Rossyman

6 years ago#6
yeah i'm on rabanastre too, glad i aint the only one getting it

User Info: baneforever

6 years ago#7
same here lol curse you RABA!!!

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