Waking Sands

#1DarkenvailPosted 9/28/2010 11:43:36 AM
After finishing the 3rd main quest in Gridania, I was told by the hermit to meet him in the Merchant Wards in Ul'dah. What level am I able to do this? I'm Physical level 24 and Pugilist 16 and haven't been able to meet him. Is it the 4th part of the main quest and should expect to do it at 20 Pugilist?
#2ShadygrovePosted 9/28/2010 11:44:38 AM
Seeing as you can make the run at 1/1 I don't see why not.

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#3Darkenvail(Topic Creator)Posted 9/28/2010 11:45:58 AM
What? If you're implying you can do this at rank 1 job 1, then you're mistaken. This is after you complete the 3rd main quest for gridania, which requires a job rank of at least 15.
#4SunshineladyPosted 9/28/2010 11:46:38 AM
Joke topic?
#5Darkenvail(Topic Creator)Posted 9/28/2010 11:49:06 AM
Not a joke topic, if you're not far enough along then there's no reason to answer.
#6zazz9Posted 9/28/2010 12:48:49 PM
I finished the Limsa Lominsa lev 20 quest line and it too asks to talk to Blackburn at the Waking Sands in Uldah. I can't find him though I don't think they put him in yet.

Anyways your receiving flak because you can obviously easily run between cities even if your level 1.... not because you can't find the guy/start the next quest line at level 1.