ITT: How to unlock Premium Theme (and picture of main screen)

#1Lykos13thPosted 3/19/2010 9:21:02 AM
Here is a picture of the unlockable Skedar theme:

Each of the other tabs (as well as the friends' backgrounds) are excellent.

In order to unlock the theme, you have to get a kill with each of the game's 32 weapons that can be found during the single player campaign. Here is a list:

Falcon 2
Falcon 2 (Silencer)
Falcon 2 (Scope)
MagSec 4
DY357 Magnum
DY357-LX (Trent carries this on 5.3. Disarm him)
Callisto NTG
Laptop Gun
K7 Avenger
Sniper Rifle
FarSight XR-20
Rocket Launcher
Combat Knife
Crossbow (using instakill)
Tranquilizer (using lethal injection)
Timed Mine
Proximity Mine
Remote Mine

I think the N-grenade might count, which would be 33 total. Simply go into the Combat Simulator and create a match with one Meatsim and whatever guns you might be missing. The first time you get a kill with a given gun, you should see "Saving..." at the bottom left of the screen.
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#2chill 02Posted 3/19/2010 9:21:55 AM
Yep, the N-Grenade counts.
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Is that even in the single player campaign? I blatantly don't remember it. :D
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man if only you would have posted this sooner i had topics regarding to this turns out the only other gun i needed was the golden magmun do you know how to get the alien head gamer pic
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Yeah, the n-grenade is in the single player campaign. I just saw it yesterday when I cycled through my weapons at one point. I think it was in Pelagic II, although I don't remember for sure. It was one of the mid to later missions in the game...
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Unless I'm mistaken, no one has figured out how to unlock the Maian gamerpic yet. If they have, they sure aren't sharing.
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what a shame this case must be solved
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hey thanks! Useful.

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I keep seeing threads regarding this.
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Do you have to kill with it in the combat simulator online? Or can it be against bots in the CS and SP?