The Legend of Paper Zelda

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User Info: OMGKenny

6 years ago#1
I'd buy it.

User Info: Tempest717

6 years ago#2
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User Info: OoT_Expert

6 years ago#3
me too

User Info: hlaylward

6 years ago#4
I don't know. It would be hard for that type of setup to work in a Zelda game. If they could make it as fun and as good then for sure!
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User Info: turbotoby95

6 years ago#5
The Legend of Paper Zelda 3D
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User Info: Kid_In_The_Back

6 years ago#6
You know, I'd actually buy this.

Maybe not something that looked EXACTLY like Paper Mario in terms of art style... but maybe something a bit more... paper mache-ish? Like the intro for PH?
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User Info: plug_out_baby

6 years ago#7
It'd hafta be in 2d...I don't think the paper gimmick would work very well in 3d

User Info: t 002 Tyrant

t 002 Tyrant
6 years ago#8
Do it in this style:

and I'd buy 2.
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User Info: clawshot52

6 years ago#9
If you could cut up your enemies into literal shreds, I would buy it.
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User Info: zeldafan132

6 years ago#10
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