USB loader GX help

#1orgamechaPosted 11/19/2011 6:40:42 AM
I can play the game fine with the disc, it even updated (so i think a new IOS may have been installed) but for some reason it isnt working in the USB loader, it just returns to the wii system menu. any reason why it wouldnt work, and how to fix it? if not, i guess i can keep using the disc.
#2DGM09Posted 11/19/2011 6:44:12 AM
Don't ask this here. Don't even ask if the solution is to load the .dol from the disc.
#3Xxsome_personxXPosted 11/19/2011 6:45:58 AM
You need to update your Cios's.

Go on Wiiso, or GBAtemp, wherever you go for homebrew, and you'll find threads on it.

Also, Those sites have forums to put help threads. Don't ask about help with homebrew here, very against the rules.
#4TerraPhantomPosted 11/19/2011 8:07:24 AM
Don't think you can ask that here. But issues like that are why I prefer to use NAND emulation.
#5orgamecha(Topic Creator)Posted 11/19/2011 8:40:52 AM
oh sorry, i thought homebrew was ok as long as the topic isnt about pirating games. thanks anyway.