Singing/Harp minigame at Lumpy Pumpkin

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5 years ago#1
The third 'job' for breaking the chandelier is to play the harp along with Kina... But I'm (for some reason) having a hell of a time completing it. The father says to strum along with the movements of the audience--which is easy enough, I guess. Except their movements are kind of strange.

That said, sometimes they move faster or stop moving altogether. I've tried moving with said movements and still, I don't complete the minigame.

...And obviously, the father things that *I'm* the one screwing it up. I wonder if he ever though Kina was the one that sucked.

(That aside, any ideas?)
5 years ago#2
Not many. did it my first try. Just go left when the audience guys go left and go right when they go right.
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5 years ago#3
Huh... Got it. I was originally "making wide sweeping motions" like the guy said, but instead I tried quickly swinging to whatever direction the crowd was moving to, and that worked.

I still think Kina's singing sucks and stand by the fact that it was her screwing up the performance. :<
5 years ago#4
I'm not getting it either. Can someone help?
5 years ago#5
I just tried the small movements instead of the wide ones, but nothing.

Can someone upload a video showing how to beat it?
5 years ago#6
Wow spoilers much?
5 years ago#7
Harp was in the trailers, it's fine. If you're on media blackout, what are you doing here?
5 years ago#8
@smashmaster: How does a minigame constitute spoilers?


@IxthusTiger: What I did was follow the guy on the right--when he moves his arms to one side, quickly strum the harp to that side. When he moves back, quickly swing it to follow. Make sure to follow the half-beat movements as well.
5 years ago#9
Got it! Man I had to really get it perfectly... and they only thought I was adequate!

Worth it for a heart piece though!
5 years ago#10
A bit off topic, but is there footage of Harp gameplay yet? Preferably one with a person showing what you have to do on the controller to play? Or maybe you can just tell me what it is like if you don't mind?
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