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5 years ago#1
where do i get monster horns i need upgrades but can't find monster horns
The Dude Abides.
5 years ago#2
Either random drops, or take them from bokoblins that use them with the whip.
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5 years ago#3
How far into the game are you? Mainly have you reached/completed the 5th dungeon?
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5 years ago#4
ok i am way past the 5th dungeon what is it called and can i just go back and farm them
The Dude Abides.
5 years ago#5

Well the whip item allows you to get Monster Horns from any Bokoblin that is carrying one, you know the ones that blow on said Monster Horn and call/alert others to your location?

You are looking for them, just whip them and pull. Same as when you had to steal a key during the 5th dungeon from one of them through a gate.

Edit: I also just realized that I was referring to the 4th dungeon, not the 5th. More specifically the Water Dungeon which featured the whip item.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness.

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