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5 years ago#1
When I say Groose is the best character, I don't mean the coolest, the strongest, the best looking, or the most influential. In my opinion, he is the best character purely in terms of character development.

He goes from being a huge pompous bully in the beginning of the game to a somewhat still-pompous character who cares about what happens to the world. He starts off unrealistically mean, but Groose comes back to earth starting in the middle of the game. His growth isn't an uncharacteristic transition from bad to good because he gets enough scenes from the middle to the end of the game to incrementally grow. You get to see Groose out of his element on the surface and how he changes as a result. Even when he becomes a nice guy, Groose still retains an element of his pompousness in addition to his new qualities. This mixture of old and new qualities leads to a much more believable character than a complete transition.

The only characters I think can even rival Groose in terms of development would be Zelda for her acceptance of her role and Fi solely for her parting words to Link. But Zelda didn't get enough screen time and her changes were much more sudden and unnatural. Not to mention she was basically a Mary Sue throughout the game. And Fi was just too unemotional throughout the entire game until she said good-bye(which was the most touching moment in the game for me).

I didn't make this thread to start an argument about people's favorite characters in SS, I just wanted to bring to light the good character development of Groose. Out of all the characters in the game, none of them really stood out to me as being a 'good' character. In that sense, Groose rose above the others and really shined in his limited screen time.
5 years ago#2
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5 years ago#3
5 years ago#4
Groose's character has no pacing. He goes from a bully to Link's best friend in a matter of one scene.
5 years ago#5
My only gripe with Groose was that his development was so... expected.
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5 years ago#6
I loved having Groose in the game. I thought he really added a fresh new character, and of course a NPC that developed as the story went along.
5 years ago#7
It's amazing how nintendo makes ONE non black and white stale character, that actually develops something, and fans go crazy. If only they could learn from this .........
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5 years ago#8
^ Look at Linebeck too. Incredibly popular and he had a bit of development himself.
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5 years ago#9
riff429 posted...
Groose's character has no pacing. He goes from a bully to Link's best friend in a matter of one scene.

I disagree. Groose landed on the surface, tried to be a hero and failed. Then you see him crying against a wall asking himself what went wrong. Then the next time you see him, he's still pompous, but more benevolent. Then he decides he wants to stay and help Impa. The cutscene when Link opens the Gate of Time really illustrates his changes I think.

And I'm not a crazy fan. I just like good character development in my books/movies/video games and no one else in SS really had development.
5 years ago#10
Check this out:

Also, I got this from another Groose appreciation topic.

He's bad.

He's cool.,_Groose,_and_Strich.png

He's got the best damn pompadour in town.

And the ladies just can't keep off of him.

Everyone bow down to the true hero of Skyloft.

Nonbelievers are Groosin' for a bruisin'.
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