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3 years ago#1
Well, here we finally go. Despite how I never got many responses on my other topic, I think this’ll be fun and successful, despite the fact that I’ve never written an IAS (InterActive Story) before. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the tale!

OoT and SS spoilers will be very frequent throughout the story. Read at your own risk!
1alpha1 Presents
The Legend of Zelda IAS (working title)

Prologue: The Chosen Hero
Skies of royal azure stretched across the seemingly infinite horizon and filled the skies with a serene beauty that captivated all whom saw it. Levitating among the countless clouds was a tiny slice of the earth that defied the laws of gravity, suspended in midair with nothing holding it aloft. This special place, known as Skyloft, was once the home of a valiant hero who fought to protect the world from annihilation by demonic forces. This courageous youth descended through the dense clouds and traveled across the vast realm of the Surface, destroying all evil he came upon. This young boy was known as Link, and he was the chosen hero of the goddess.

During his taxing journey, Link came across many perils and met many people whom all held their roles in the experience of his adventure. With every step that he took forward, monsters that swore allegiance to the evil abomination of the land crept forth and did everything they could to hamper the hero’s progress. All of their efforts were in vain, as Link ended their lives one by one and kept pushing onwards through countless traps and puzzles of the many dangerous dungeons throughout the land. His ambition to protect the innocent from darkness drove him on day by day. After overcoming many challenging trials and ordeals, he learnt the truth of his purpose and set out to drive back the source of the evil that plagued the land. Link’s journey had led him back to his home within the clouds to assemble the only thing that could slay the root of all evil: The almighty Triforce. Using its awesome powers, Link had succeeded in sealing away the great evil and saved the one he loved: The spirit maiden, Zelda. All was seemingly well for a few blissful minutes… When the journey seemingly slowed to an end, a brutal general of the evil forces, Ghirahim seized the moment and captured Zelda with the intent of reviving his master in the past. As the weapon of evil took Zelda hundreds of years back, Link pursued the demon lord and a final showdown ensued. At the end of this decisive battle, the abomination of darkness rose and used the soul of the spirit maiden to resurrect himself in his true form. Now face-to-face with the king of evil, Demise, Link had one final fight to finish. With his mind filled with memories of many tiresome and violent battles, Link fought with all his heart and finally succeeded in eradicating Demise. Returning to the present time, his divine mission accomplished, Link laid his sacred weapon, the Master Sword to rest and the great journey was finally over… or so he thought…
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3 years ago#2
Our story begins three weeks after the fall of Demise on one fateful day when Link and Zelda were walking through Faron Woods, talking about the great mission they were once a part of while adjusting to their new lives together. The pair had made the Surface their new home where they planned to live out the rest of their lives in harmony. While walking past the great tree in the middle of the forest, the young couple decided to take a relaxing swim in the nearby pool. After disrobing themselves and slowly entering the cool water, a conversation went underway…

[btw, Link DOES talk in this IAS lol]

Zelda: Isn’t the weather nice today, Link?
Link: Yeah it is. The water is nice too.
Zelda: Mhm. I haven’t had a swim this peaceful since the day before the 25th Wing Ceremony.
Link: *laughs* Yeah, because your father started taking the bath for himself every night since then…
Zelda: I know. He usually let me take the bath for myself before… you know, the incident
Link: *swims closer to Zelda* Hey, don’t worry about that. It’s all over now, and you’re finally safe…
Zelda: *smiles* Thank you Link…

They hug each other for a few seconds.

Link: Hey Zelda?
Zelda: Yes, Link?
Link: Do you remember our little date after the Wing Ceremony?
Zelda: Yes, the weather was just as wonderful as it is today. What about it?
Link: Well… before the incident occurred, you said there was something you needed to tell me?
Zelda: *blushes* Ah… yes. I remember now.
Link: *smiles* Well? We’re both alone, and now you have the perfect chance to tell me.
Zelda: *giggles* Tell you what: Come a little closer and I just might.

Links swims up to Zelda until their bodies are touching. [yes guys, they are naked]

Zelda: *kisses Link on the cheek* I love you.
Link: *kisses back* I love you too, Zelda.

The day went on slowly, until the sun began to kiss the canopies of the trees in a beautiful transition of scarlet twilight. Dusk was quickly approaching as the pair of soon-to-be lovers stayed in the pool, holding one-another in a romantic bond. They were once tied together by destiny, but on this night, they now shared a connection of love. As the sky began to shift in shades of bright yellow to soft purple, Link and Zelda snapped back to their senses as they remembered something that they had planned since the sun rose that morning…
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3 years ago#3
Zelda: Oh dear, it’s getting quite late.
Link: Yeah, we should be heading home.
Zelda: *jumps as if surprised* Oh wait! We have that banquet to attend in Skyloft as well!
Link: Oh shoot, it’s tonight?! We gotta hurry home then!
Zelda: Yes. Come on, Link, let’s go!

The pair reluctantly separate and climb out of the forest pool. After quickly drying themselves and getting dressed anew, Link and Zelda walked to their Surface home with connected hands. They made a suitable abode within the ruins of the Temple of Hylia and spent their nights together looking at the stars through the weathered fractures in the ancient ceiling. Two to three times every week, they ascended to the skies above to relive the memories of their former home on Skyloft and took the time to frequently revisit their old friends. Coming back to the temple in a flustered rush, the couple went out the giant stone doors, and approached the great Statue of the Goddess. With a few quick tweeting sounds, a pair of loftwings flew down and landed on the altar in front of the massive statue. Mounting their respective rides, Link and Zelda took to the skies using whatever remaining light from the sunset they could to guide them forwards. A great banquet was being hosted by Zelda’s father, Headmaster Gaepora in celebration of Zelda’s safe return. Arriving as the sun dipped below the horizon, Link and Zelda ventured to the town square where there were countless dishes and plates filled with mouthwatering foods. All the students from the Knight Academy were there, as was the rest of the townsfolk. Even Dodoh, Peater, Beedle, Pumm, and Kina came to celebrate in the moonlight. Groose stood by the tower in an exquisite tuxedo with a bottle of expensive wine, drunk, but aware that Link and Zelda had just arrived. As his yellow lips curved up into a smile, he gave out a strong hiccup that nearly made him fall off the island. Barely managing a wave to the couple, Zelda and Link waved back before they noticed that Gaepora was nowhere in sight…

Zelda: Hm… I wonder where my father could be?
Link: Hey, I got an idea: Let’s go look for him!
Zelda: Okay, but where should we start?
And that’s all for right now. I know it was quite long, but I had to get all the intro stuff covered. Anyways… time for our first poll!

Poll #001
Gaepora is missing from the banquet. Where should Link and Zelda look first?

A. At the Knight Academy
B. Around the Bazaar
C. At the Top of the Tower

I’ll check back sometime tomorrow afternoon to tally the votes. Feel free to post any comments or suggestions. I appreciate the feedback guys. =)
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3 years ago#4
Bump. I really hope I'm not wasting my time with this. Some activity would be nice.
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3 years ago#5
The most logical thing to do would be to look in the academy, right?
3 years ago#6
Yes, but anything is possible in an IAS. In this poll, you get to determine one of three possible fates of the characters by deciding how the story will continue, thus making the story interactive. The next part of the story will expand based on whether A, B, or C gets the most votes, but I've arranged for these three choices to lead to the same fate in the end of the next section. However, most of the later polls will lead off into their own separate paths that can't be reversed once the tale is written. It's kinda like you decide how the story plays out.

Anyhoo, that's 1 vote for A.
I'd like to get at least two more votes before I continue, and I'll keep bumping this back to life if I have to.
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3 years ago#7
Bump again. Is there anyone on these boards besides Silfalas and myself who's actually interested in this?

If not, choice A wins and the next part of the story will be up tonight.
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3 years ago#8

if you wanted more people, you should've put in the title "zelda is naked in this story"

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3 years ago#9
Haha, that would be something I'd do. It's just a realistic touch I added to intensify the romance bit.

A wins though. The next installment will be up soon.
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3 years ago#10
People are probably being scared away by the length of your post. People would be more likely to play this if it were more of a quick silly game, not a fanfiction(let's face it, there are already hundreds of those out there).
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