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Worth the $40 or is there a possibility of an HD release? (Archived)Inertnamehere64/15 3:13PM
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500 reasons to hate this game (Archived)
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Where can I find this at an un-ridiculous price? (Archived)
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Finished Skyward Sword, wasn't too bad. (Archived)ForTheRobot33/13 8:52AM
finished skyward sword last night (Archived)
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I love this game. (Archived)
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Demise's sword future( SPOILERS) (Archived)Magicmike12343/11 9:28PM
The Bazaar is messed up! (Archived)55Dkool5543/10 6:54PM
How many tries did it take you to beat the game? (Archived)Magicmike12393/10 7:59AM
Who is your favorite character? (Archived)Alfieri_x93/9 5:06PM
Ugh, backtracking silliness (Archived)Nomanorus53/9 4:52PM
I tried to play this again but I can't.. (Archived)MrSprings62/28 10:02PM
Trying to go back and beat this...god I hate this game. (Archived)
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Stuck in Skyview Temple (Archived)swfc_dan22/28 8:11AM
Is this game worth it? (Archived)
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Can you beat the final boss with a crappy shield? (spoilers) (Archived)B18Champ42/20 4:43PM