Will I like this?

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3 years ago#1
I really enjoyed OOT ive played every zelda game but this and majoras mask. Im thinking of buying. Thanks.
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3 years ago#2
You could have elaborated on what aspect of each game you liked or disliked. I certainly did like SS, but it has many flaws. It depends on which bother you or which you can look past. Or if you absolutely hate motion controls, you won't like SS.
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3 years ago#3
My magic 8 ball reads, seems unlikely
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3 years ago#4
My magic 8 ball reads, seems unlikely

Forget your magic 8 ball, I'm using my mental balls~ ^^

Sega_Saturn09 posted...
I really enjoyed OOT ive played every zelda game but this and majoras mask. Im thinking of buying. Thanks.

Depending on your aspects of what you liked...
Skyward is not a really a free-exploration game. You have your plotline and dungeon order to follow - which OoT had also, except it left you up to decide to do the Shadow or Spirit temple first. But I don't think OoT and Skyward can be really compared with each other, as the games are so different.

And that be said about practically every Zelda game - except maybe for Majora and OoT, as people constantly say that one is the parallel dimension/dream/hidden split timeline of the other.

If you always thought Link was slow in games, well, good thing is that he has finally learned to run in this game. He can also sprint up certain wall heights, which makes ladder or vine climbing much faster than in previous games.

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3 years ago#5
Thanks seems ill be getting it :)
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3 years ago#6
If you've gone through the trouble of playing every Zelda game you will like this game. Will you enjoy it as much as OoT? Maybe not. Is it worth playing? Yes. Though if you only listened to this board you'd think SS is one of the worst games of all time.

It's a very enjoyable game, it's not perfect, but it's worth your time.
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3 years ago#7
Yes. Yes. Yes.
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