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Link is so kawaii desu. (Archived)BlackOmnimon97/14/2009
am i the only one? (Archived)9traygangstas47/14/2009
What if Link's hair was pink? (Archived)
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I'm replaying OoT and I realized that all those weirds ramps are really stairs (Archived)
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zelda zelda zelda (Archived)9traygangstas47/14/2009
Who's the manliest Zelda character? (Archived)
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Ganon is So interesting. (Archived)PhantomRecon45477/14/2009
I never noticed this? (Archived)MasterDarkStar277/14/2009
+*POLL*+...Which evil would dominate: OOT or TP?...+*POLL* (Archived)
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How bout this (Archived)DomL3497/13/2009
Best Zelda Music Competition, Day 13. Unlucky number Thirteen. >:3 (Archived)
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Does anyone in the world have the last name of Dodongo? (Archived)erksage95777/13/2009
I honestly... (Archived)DomL3477/13/2009
As you probably realize by now, I'm never going to let Navigale go. (Archived)Numhitzu67/13/2009
Biggoron Sword (Archived)WolfLink5517/13/2009
Hyrule on Kingdom Hearts (Archived)Duckerdoo107/13/2009
I think the plot for this game should be something like this. (Archived)2ndSamurai57/13/2009
ATTN: Timeline Enthusiasts (Archived)skeleblock37/13/2009
Transformations? (Archived)JMcodemonkey27/13/2009
Courage is not the lack of fear... (Archived)
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