How do you do Glitches?

#1mant01Posted 6/20/2010 4:12:03 AM

I know theres a few about and have seen how to do the mass one with the 2 engineers but how do you do the rest? Id really like to know how to use more than 3 engineers to help assist build things. Anyone know how to do the different ones? I only play off line anyway so it would be for the main game.

#2mant01(Topic Creator)Posted 7/4/2010 6:30:07 PM

Found out how to do the assist build with loads of engineers which I was after. This board is so dead its crazy and its such a good game.

#3MoCaPlPosted 7/4/2010 7:27:29 PM
hey dude how do u glitch more then 3 engineers to assist stuff? i havent played in a while but i heard about that one b4 but couldnt figure it out.
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#4mant01(Topic Creator)Posted 7/5/2010 8:37:42 AM

Im not sure how much difference it actually makes but instead of telling the extra engineers to help build something. What you do is tell them to assist the other ones. Do the guard and assist with the extra ones, click on one building and then it should start to help build. Hope that is clear enough mate, its really easy to do.