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5 years ago#1
Fat Princess:Fistful of cake for PSP was a good game, despite its flaws. its a game about tactical warfare, almost like Team Fortress 2, only with castles and knights. in the game the main characters are: You;the head of the army, The king,the kings servant,and the 2 princesses. there are 15 chapters in the PSP version and also 2 types of multiplayer: Infrastructure Mode, and Ad-Hoc (Online and LAN).
You are on the red team in singleplayer and cannot go to the other team. There are 5 options for abilitys. Warrior: the close range fighting one, Worker: the one who works collecting wood and stone, Mage: shooting fire from your scepter, Priest: to heal all of your teammates, and Ranger: the archer. if upgraded: Mage shoots ice and gets a potion, Warrior gets a better sword, Priest turns to the devil un-healing all opponents, Ranger gets a gun, and Worker gets to throw Bombs. as the back of the game case says, "Get a fat slice of carnage with a cherry on top". Multiplayer lets you play around the world using the PSN (PlayStation Network) and allows you to do three options: Create a server, Join a server, or Find the closest one with special wants possible. The only flaw of Multiplayer is that there's no chat, so you cant tell if someones hacking, or rage-quitting. Multiplayer has up to 8 players even though story goes up to 24 players, so that sucks more. It has a Mess About and Gladiate feature letting you fight without story mode. the modes for Mess About are: Jailbreak,Grim Reaper,Rescue the Princess,Snatch 'N' Grab,Demolition,Invasion,and Team Deathmatch. In 2 chapters i know of The King swears. in chapter 5 ,i think, and chapter 12 where they bleep out what he says while saying "OH FOR #@$% SAKE!". I give this game a 9.5 of 10.
5 years ago#2
sorry about the cover, i said Princess.
5 years ago#3
@topic title
"wait.. what?"
5 years ago#4
So it's fat princess of cake? o-o?

"I'm not your daughter, you crusty old fart!"
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