Can't wait to fight Monsoon...

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3 years ago#1
Guy reminds me of Ringman from MM4 for some reason... BRING IT ON!!
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3 years ago#2
No kidding, he looks like he'll be fun.

fFor me, its gonna be Samuel. Why? Because We're gonna have the Platinum Patented Pummel attack, and those are always goddamn awesome.
3 years ago#3
I'm looking forward to fighting Mistral. My favourite boss music and the only female we get to fight and chop up it would seem.


I'm not a woman hater.
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3 years ago#4
I'm probably most exciting for Monsoon or Sam as well.
3 years ago#5
yeah i'm pretty amp'd for monsoon as well. but even more so, mistral. for some reason female villians just rub me the right way. ;) and of course sam is just gonna be crazy badass. sundowner seems alright. big bulky characters always seemed a little less appealing to me. but i'm excited for all the bosses though. probably except for blade wolf. due to the fact that i've fought him like 20 times already....
3 years ago#6
I'm excited for Sam's fight the most - imo, it's always those bosses that are kinda the 'rival with a similar fighting style' that are the best fights in these kinds of games.
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  3. Can't wait to fight Monsoon...

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