It's funny (About the demo).

#1ZenningPosted 2/3/2013 5:03:15 PM
When I first played the Demo, I was pretty damn disappointed. I thought the whole Parrying thing was very easy, and even though I kept making mistakes, it was like impossible for me to die at all because of the whole Spine Ripping thing, and even then, There were like 4 Nano-paste pick ups through out the level, making it even more impossible for me to die. So I ended up beating it despite screwing up constantly, and I was just so disappointed.

Of course, I rationalized it was the demo, so I assumed it'd get much harder, and that hard mode would probably make it more challenging, but I was still pretty disappointed, especially since Bayonetta on Normal still kicked my ass,

But then, I played through it again, and again, and again. I started destroying those enemies, effortlessly, getting S ranks, and ripping out every single spine I could find. And then, I realized just how damn fun it was to just rip enemies apart. Sure, the game was challenging, but the better I got at the game, the more I dug into the game, the better it got. And now, I'm absolutely loving the demo, trying to find new ways of ass kicking, and spine ripping.

Err, just my two cents.