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User Info: TiO_GeR

4 years ago#1
This demo is blowing my mind, I keep finding new stuff every other playthrough.

So far I've found 2 that can be considered secrets, the giant watermelon and the lady in her underwear.

Has anyone found anything else?

User Info: SERiA_STAR

4 years ago#2
Alot of the codec calls have some funny dialogue, my particular favorite is calling Courtney after you save the hostage.
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User Info: BerserkLeon

4 years ago#3
does the cardboard box in the tutorial count? Didn't notice it the first 3 or so times I played...
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User Info: lunic7

4 years ago#4
i've heard about the watermelon, but underwear?

User Info: Mimeblade

4 years ago#5
He's talking about the female dummy-hostage targets in VR.
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User Info: dorkmode

4 years ago#6
If you save the male hostage, you can chase him and cut his clothes off. Switching to AR mode after that is even more hilarious.
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User Info: Nightmare966

4 years ago#7
The white cat that dodges everything too.

I don't know if there's anything else...
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User Info: Rude Hero

Rude Hero
4 years ago#8
Of course there is also the cardboard box in the VR training.
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User Info: TiO_GeR

4 years ago#9
So so far we have:

In VR Training

- Cardboard box
- Giant Watermelon
- Underwear hostage

In main mission

- The dodging cat
- Male hostage with no clothes
- Specific codec conversations

Has anything else been found?
I really like these little things, I have to admit.
Before the demo, this game just didn't feel like a Metal Gear, but these easter eggs and such really help capture the spirit of the series.

User Info: ruthless7667

4 years ago#10
SERiA_STAR posted...
Alot of the codec calls have some funny dialogue, my particular favorite is calling Courtney after you save the hostage.

I called her and she didn't say anything amusing. What does she say? I also heard that using augment mode while dealing with the male hostage is supposed to be funny but I didn't see anything different.
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