I just called up GameStop to cancel my preorder. A 5 hour long HNS is pathetic.

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AcidRainLee posted...
Anyone else doing so? It's pathetic, ugh. PG should be ashamed of themselves...-_-

Im pretty sure TC posted this to get a RISE out of this board...and its working

but if you did just cancel your pre-order thats cool... cause i just paid mine off
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#72akira_hisyamPosted 2/15/2013 8:08:52 AM
5hour?fine with me also with vr mission should atleast add few hour into it but most important i want this game alot better than DmCrap.
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Sometimes in life you'll have to start to make decisions based on what you feel and want to do ...I'm spending over 100 on this game...if I like the game well..that's just it ..no one but myself is gonna change my mind ......do what u feel ..but make sure its what you want ......peace to all true gamers...
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At least it'll be better then Ninja Gaiden 3... beat the whole game and you get nothing.
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MEFreak1984 posted...
JayGood259Oz posted...
Ill Prolly transfer my money to something else and rent this. The last2 games I played were assassins creed 3 and far cry 3, both over 50 hours for 1 play through. I expect a good single player game like god of war to be at least 12 to 15 hours. This is calling for 6 to 7 which is fine, just not worth 60 bucks

The thing is though... Far Cry 3 was garbage. After 10 minutes of hearing the same whiny protagonist, and the same pirate dialog 20 times, I almost wanted to play the game on Mute. I don't care if Jason becomes like Rambo in the end, I can't bear to hear him until then.

Sucks for you, that game is GOTY material. BTW you're saying the game is garbage JUST because of the main character and some dialog, what's that say about you?
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you must have **** yourself when you realized that almost every HnS is short, they're meant for replayability.
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_denizen_ posted...
At least it'll be better then Ninja Gaiden 3... beat the whole game and you get nothing.

I was broken hearted by that game. I really enjoyed the 1st two alot.
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Same here.
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It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it ;D
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