Hate cyborg Raiden

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3 years ago#61
Honestly, who gives an actual crap about his looks?

Personally, I don't have a problem with MGS2 Raiden's facial features and never did. What I had, and have a problem with, is MGS2 Raiden's PERSONALITY. I don't care if he LOOKS effeminate whatsoever. Plenty of effeminate looking men in games and anime have been badass.

Not so much with Raiden until his makeover. And even then, it wasn't REALLY until Rising.

Now the new cyborg look I really don't mind, but he really didn't need it to become what he eventually did in Rising. I'd say MGS4 but he was still kind of a sissy even then. Dija see that ending where he's crying in bed and acting like an emo claiming he has no son? AS A CYBORG NINJA?

You see, there's my point. His looks have NOTHING to do with it...it's his whiny, emo personality that made me dislike him until Rising where he finally seemed to tone that crap down, if not, cut it out completely, and just became pure awesome.

He could have kept his original face and still been awesome though...and that's my point. He doesn't need the cyborg re-skin to be awesome. He just needs to ditch his personality.

Honestly, my preferred costume in MGR is the Business Suit. It's HUMAN Raiden...lookin' suave. And still being badass due to his personality change in Rising.
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3 years ago#62
ThatOneStallion posted...
mambablack posted...
grand_kaizer posted...
This topic is hilarious. People make one comment, and the TC pounces on them in a storm of hate. Prejudice incarnate.


You do realize his comment was referring to you? Learn How to read FFS.

I am not that stupid I was being sarcastic. I deliberately wrote it because I knew you would get your nose involved. Guess what. It worked.
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3 years ago#63
BlackSheepWalls posted...
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3 years ago#64
ThatOneStallion posted...
TC makes me want to vomit.

Stay off my topic then.
"Games don't kill people, people do."
3 years ago#65
I'm a chick. I think cyborg raiden is smexy.
mgs2 raiden was smexy as hell and hilarious.
mgs4 raiden was brooding and smexy.

thats just MHO.
3 years ago#66
tiredpuppy posted...
I'm a chick. I think cyborg raiden is smexy.
mgs2 raiden was smexy as hell and hilarious.
mgs4 raiden was brooding and smexy.

thats just MHO.

You best be carefull that, ThatOneStallion doesn't belittle you for liking Mgs2 Raiden. Since he has a problem with bishie styled video game men.
"Games don't kill people, people do."

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