Because of this game I tried God Hand

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Japs have still got it.

Just FYI.
Never say that -it's offensive -borderline racist
say Japanese next time.

Mind your own business, I'll say japs if I want.
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Funfact: Gene was originally going to be in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 but was removed in favor of Phoenix Wright who is considered the worst character in the game. Thanks Capcom!

okay, gotta rant-

I mean i dig Phoenix Wright games and it's funny that he's in a fighting game- but c'mon, Deadpool would've had a real rival and Dante could've been paired with... Venom or something.

oh wait, Venom isn't in the damn game.

God i am bad at MvC3

stupid capcom... i give you all my money over the years and this is what you give me in return... and friggin monster hunter...
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