This would've made the game even better.

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I want the freakin' walk run as DLC. Programming that should NOT be hard.
Wow, Platinum Games. Inexcusable! I'm assuming that this is when the game was titled "Metal Gear Solid: Rising," TC?

sounds like someone has never programmed a game mechanic

It's not that hard, if Shinobi, Prince of Persia, TMNT, Assassin's Creed, Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Blade can pull it off, why not MGR.

you don't throw mechanics into a game just because. wall running would have made the game's level design and flow much different. when making a game you go with what feels right and fits within what experience you want to give the player, not what bells and whistles you can duct tape to it for bullet points on the back of the box. have faith that the decision to axe wall running was in good judgment. It just must have not been working out.
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It was probably just an area they designed to test gameplay and provide footage for early trailers.
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