Monsoon impossible to beat consistently without taking damage?

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I'm currently on my Revengeance S rank run and I have yet to beat Monsoon without taking damage, too. Yes, yes, I know no damage Trophy is easier on Hard mode, whatever. But it shouldn't make a difference; it's way too hard to anticipate all his attacks properly. When he's off camera, he gets a cheap hit in. The jump attacks pretty much get me every time. The grenade throw is a pain in the ass, not only because it can deal damage, but also because of the parry marathon that comes afterwards. His combo attacks are terrible to parry as well, because some hits of the combo "break rhythm" just so you can't spam parry.

I'm wondering if anybody knows a guide to no-damage run this boss. Not a video guide, those make it look easy and don't really explain what to do. I mean a WRITTEN guide that explains all the mechanics and such. I'm just trying to make sense of this mess of a boss fight. Or rather: I just want to get the no damage/Revengeance S rank bull**** over with. In future runs (which I won't even do before I get the Lighning God Trophy) I won't give a crap about doing this fight flawlessly anymore.

So any tips are appreciated, aside from "get better". I would love to convince myself that skill is more important than luck for this fight, but I'm having a hard time believing it.

Btw, I dread the AI Mistral & AI Monsoon fight. Is that one as bad as it sounds or is it a joke compared to the "real" bosses, despiting having both of them in a row without a checkpoint?
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NINFanboy posted...
When he's off camera, he gets a cheap hit in.

Try to lock-on to him whenever you can.
The camera will track him down easier if you managed to get a lock-on.

The grenade throw is a pain in the ass, not only because it can deal damage, but also because of the parry marathon that comes afterwards.

Use the Bloodlust (pincer blades) to damage him as much as you can to quickly skip to the next phase, hopefully also skipping the smoke grenade move.

If you have no problems cheating, then use Wig A to have infinite EM Grenades.
Wig B is pointless, since you have infinite FC Gauge throughout the fight.

When he jumps on the gate walls to throw personnel carriers and choppers at you, simply Ninja Run towards him as he throws so that he will miss you completely.
Make sure you have a good distance first.

Right after throwing two waves of vehicles, he will jump back into the combat zone and this is where you should reestablish lock-on and toss an EM Grenade at the same time (press L2 & R2).

After he's stunned by the EM Grenade, move in close for the Blade Mode prompt, so you can slash his head and have his body crumble into pieces.

Don't Ninja Run towards his head. Run 3 steps and immediately charge the Bloodlust for two fully charged attacks, as fast as you can.
If you're quick enough, you'll be able to sneak in 2 fully charged attack from the Bloodlust before he can do anything. This will quickly make him jump on the gate walls to throw more vehicles at you, skipping a lot of close-combat.

Locking on is important because his head might fall off-camera and you have no time to look for it before he reassembles.

When he clings on the World Marshal building and rolls a huge pile of vehicles at you, parry it twice so you will have a prompt to cut it into pieces with Blade Mode.

After cutting those vehicles into pieces, the lyrics will start playing and he will extend his Sais towards you.
Watch out, because when you gain control, the camera angle is arranged in a way where Monsoon is obstructed by Raiden and you won't be able to see the Sai coming. Tilt the right analog stick a little and don't forget to reestablish lock-on.

Parry the two incoming Sais and Ninja Run away from the legs. Don't bother trying to parry them.

After avoiding the legs, Monsoon will be floating around without his lower body.
Only toss an EM Grenade when he's floating towards your direction. If you toss a grenade when he's swaying left and right, you might miss.

Alternatively, you can use your own fully charged Sai to stun Monsoon.

This method works for Revengeance difficulty.
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Wow, thanks for the effort. This sure will come in handy.

Some of the phases I'm already familiar with. Whenever he's done throwing vehicles, I toss an EM grenade and do the decapitation thing, but I never got the timing down for the Pincers. A few times I did manage to hit him properly to get him into vehicle throw mode again.

The one thing I'm worrying about most is parrying his Sai. Not because it's hard to do, but because it's late in the fight and it sucks to get damaged at this point. I've seen vids of people doing perfect parry on his first Sai and then throw their own Sai to stun him immediately. I've never tried that before, but I guess an EM grenade should work as well (don't like switching weapons mid-fight due to unresponsiveness of inventory menu which brings back memories of NG3 MNM).

I guess once you get him down to, what, 70% to make him start throwing vehicles, the rest of the fight is pretty straight-forward as long as you don't let him break his pattern. The hard thing is dealing the first 30% damage quick and then not screwing up on the EM grenade toss/head Pincer'ing in the rest of the fight.

Well, thanks again. I guess I can do this. I'm not an über-pro at H&S games, but I'm not too shabby either. It's just that beating Monsoon flawlessly is right up there with NGB/NGS's Alma, Ishtaros and Niccae. Merely beating Monsoon is easy, but doing it perfect is hard.
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Custom Body (Red)
Pincer Blades / Tactical Sai

Begin the fight by Ninja Running away from Monsoon to bait his air drop, block or dodge it, then hit Monsoon twice with the Tactical Sai's jumping roundhouse kick (it only occurs when you use the Sai at close range) while he's vulnerable. The second roundhouse is guaranteed to stun him long enough so that you can pull away and repeat the process. Keep doing this until he starts his junk hurling phase.

Tip: If Monsoon begins the fight with his Smoke Grenade, restart. He generally only uses this after he performs one of his kick combos. If he uses this at any other point, unfortunately 'git gud' is the only advice that's actually suitable. The damage from the 'explosion' itself shouldn't be an issue, as you should never be near Monsoon at any point in the fight unless he's winding down from his air drop, or he's been stunned.

For the attacks under the smokecreen, watch and react as soon as possible with a parry input towards the direction he appears. There are 10 attacks in total, IIRC. If you're lucky, he'll finish with one of his frontal airborne attacks and be knocked away, but if he finishes with the Sai combo, he'll continue barreling into you. Be prepared to spam that parry.

Once he starts hurling junk at you, don't move the camera at all, just mash square after you activate Blade Mode until it's been diced up. Collect the drops with Ninja Run in between his throws for BP.

When he returns to the fight, he'll be in magnet mode. Immediately toss the Tactical Sai at him to stun him and leave him vulnerable to Blade Mode. Ninja Run up to him until the BM prompt triggers (this is important, time will slow further compared to if you activate it without the prompt being shown), then hit his head.

Make a bit of distance, swap out to the Pincer Blades and immediately charge an attack. The second Monsoon reforms and is within range, hit him with it. This should knock him into his third phase where he starts throwing junk wheels at you [Important: Swap back to the Tactical Sai as soon as you see him leap towards the wall]. Block them with a parry input, then Blade Mode it to pieces.

This is the make or break part of the fight, really. He'll jump down, you'll get a short scene and he'll throw his Sai at you. The ideal counter for this is perfect parrying it, then immediately tossing your own Sai at Monsoon to knock him into a stun. If you miss the perfect parry, you'll have to deal with Monsoon's follow up hits. Either way, once he's stunned, Ninja Run up to him until the Blade Mode prompt appears and smack him in the head.

Again, make some distance, swap out to the Pincer Blades and hit Monsoon with a charged attack after he reforms himself and gets within range. This should cause him to start hurling more junk at you again.

This time it's a bit more dangerous than the last, start by activating Blade Mode and mashing square (for the first round do not move the camera or reposition yourself in any way. The Murasama's extended range will catch everything 99% of the time). Collect the BP off the ground if you like in between throws. When he tosses the second round at you, again, just mash square in BM, but this time when you see the last piece of debris (and only the last) use the left stick to aim at it. This last piece has a tendency to sometimes fall just outside your range and nick you with the explosion otherwise.

After that's through, he'll jump down in magnet mode again, toss the Sai at him then Blade Mode etc. Again, make some distance, swap out to the Pincer Blades and hit Monsoon with a charged attack after he reforms himself and gets within range. He ought to dead by now, but if he isn't. Run away, bait his air drop, punish with Sai roundhouses, QTE, win.
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I'm only going to complement the stuff written above to avoid info overlap.

He has an obvious tell when he's about to throw the RP Grenades, he tiptoes and raises both his arms like a scarecrow, only half a second after does he actually throw them. Half a second is good enough for you to react and dodge backwards. With practice, of course. This is one of those 'get better and practice' moments.

There are 2 RP Grenade phases - once at above 70% (he usually starts out with this), and another at below 40%. Both are skippable in that you can either deplete his health enough so he skips it entirely, or if you do enough damage while his arms are raised, he gets interrupted altogether (not recommended, you will eat chip grenade throw damage if you fail).

For the Sai combo attack, do 6 slow early parries. Only 6. Do it calmly, do not mash. Block spamming (stick spamming plus mashing square), while mostly effective, occasionally causes you to miss inputs, and if it happens here you will get nicked. If he cancels the combo into an upwards launcher kick, then it should be simple enough for you to block that strike too. Another of those 'get better' situations.

There are 5 magnetic force phases. Once each at around 70%, 58%, 47.5%, 28%, and 17.5%. I recommend cutting down the first 3 (>40% health) since they drop items and is easier to cut down. When the ZAN symbol appears, jump, then blade mode. This is so that all debris can be cut using only the square button.

The last 2 phases (the desperation ones <40% as I call it), I just run away from since they don't drop items (you're overloaded with BP at this point anyway), and they're more difficult and random. What I do is stand on the same side as Monsoon, nearest the World Marshal building. When the ZAN symbol appears, I go into blade mode to provoke the first piece of debris into flying towards my current location. But don't cut, release blade mode and run to the opposite side of the World Marshal building. You might have to practice this one to see the failproof path.

For the 40% phase, if you don't want to risk perfect parries, then go for the super safe option. Slow early parry each Sai 4 times. Slow early parry the legs 4 times. It's after this that you run and throw your own Sai/EM Grenade. Remember how you parry the sai combo - slow, early, safe, and methodical.
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OMG!! I've done it!!

Thank you so much, everyone who contributed. I never thought I'd be able to no damage/S rank him on Revengeance mode.

All right, so... how is the AI Mistral/Monsoon fight? Is it harder than fighting the real bosses in a row? Can you get an S on those despite damage?
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Finish the fight under 5 minutes, 50-hit combo, forgot the number of kills required, just go ham on the dwarf gekko with ripper mode, and you have your S.

Mistral's guard is easier to break, still takes a ton of damage from a counterparry, while Monsoon has 37.5% of his regular health.
#8NINFanboy(Topic Creator)Posted 3/27/2013 4:40:05 AM
Ah, so the AI fight is more generous regarding S ranks then? Good to know. The requirements don't sound too hard and I tend to go for the Dwarf Gekkos anyway.

Thanks for clearing that up.
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NINFanboy posted...
All right, so... how is the AI Mistral/Monsoon fight? Is it harder than fighting the real bosses in a row? Can you get an S on those despite damage?

I just got extremely lucky.

Due to Revengeance's critical damage bonus when you perform a Perfect Parry, I managed to finish off the Mistral Body Double by parrying her when she tries to throw a Tripod at me.

For Monsoon's Body Double, you can't skip the smokescreen phase (he starts off with that).
If his last attack when the smoke lets up is the ground combo, he won't stop with one strike if you parry him.
Be prepared to parry multiple attacks.

Don't forget to go back to the Body Double room after you meet Sundowner.
There's one ranked battle that's easy to miss.
There is no such thing as a "Quick Time Event done right".
A game that has Quick Time Events is a "video game done wrong".
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