Can't get HF Long Sword...not even the Yellow Custom Body...

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3 years ago#1
These VR Missions are harder than the ones from MGS2. Goddamn, I can't complete 17-19. It's the only thing I have left for the Yellow Custom Body, but those f****** Fenrirs kill me off in VR-17, those Mastiffs kill me in one sec in VR-18, and in VR-19, when I'm about to Zandatsu somebody, another enemy hits me, resulting in me losing the entire mission. Can anybody please give me some tips?
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3 years ago#2
There really is no easy answer for this, a lot of it comes down to blind luck unfortunately, the only advice i can give you is, keep trying! you just gotta keep trying and try to master the parrying, if you can't parry well, then you really can't complete these missions.
3 years ago#3
I suggest you go on youtube and just browse some video's. For me part of the fun is figuring it out myself, but if you just want to get these unlocks over with I'd say start doing research! To start you off:
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3 years ago#4
My parry is perfect, I could beat the entire Very Hard difficulty with no big problems, but god are these VR Missions tedious. Thanks for the link.
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3 years ago#5
I feel your pain buddy. Some of the times for the missions are rediculous and REALLY rage inducing arfter multiple hours of constant failure.

Video games are meant to be fun and some of these missions are anything but..
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3 years ago#6
Should be noted that, imo, the DLC-VR are worse. They are the pure basis of unfun gameplay.
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3 years ago#7
VR 18 strategy- gold

Wave 1-
Equip: Bloodlust
Enemies: IRVING, 6 Dwarf Gekko

Wait a second before moving. One of 2 things will happen. Either the IRVING will a) get ready to bullcharge (this is what you want ideally,) or b) he will do standard attacks. Either way, once you know what its doing run to a corner. If he bull charges you, parry it, and the counter for instant kill after the triangle mash. If he does not do the bull charge, jump straight into the air and HOLD triangle. When that lands, most of the dwarf gekko will be clear and you can tackle the IRVING with less problems. You want to bait a bull charge and parry it to set up instant kill (circle + triangle).

Wave 2-
Equip: Bloodlust
Enemies: 2 Mastiff, 3 Dwarf Gekko

Run immediately to a corner after wave 1. Wait for the Mastiff to attack. Normally, if you are near a corner, the will jump off the wall at you. This is what you are looking for, counter/parry it for instant kill. Of both are in the same spot, you will kill them both with one counter. If one survives keep running. If he jump kicks you, dodge slash. Otherwise, keep running until he sets himself up for counter/parry.

Wave 3-
Equip: Bloodlust, then Dystopia
Enemies: Fenrir, 2 Cyborg Berzerkers, 3 Dwarf Gekko

Start from the wall at the middle line. When you see what side they spawn from, Immediately run so that there is a line between you and the Fenrir, with a Berzerker in that line. Normally, Fenrir will start with a dagger throw with this method, killing one or both Cyborg Berzerkers. If Fenrir only kills one, save the last Berzerker for later and focus on staying CLOSE to Fenrir, and wait for an opportunity to counter/parry. When the Fenrir uses its Rail Gun, exploit the boatload of I-Frames the Bloodlust spinning Air Attack has (jump, HOLD triangle,) and IMMEDIATELY dodge backwards upon landing, and try to make your dodge slash I-frames count if any shots remain. If Fenrir does not start with a knife throw, you have alot of work to do. Best if you take out Fenrir first in that case and just run-slash the Berzerkers until they are all the way blue. Then go for Zandatsu. Do NOT stay in range more than a second with these guys, and dodge-slash is superior to parry here.

Wave 4-
Equip: Dystopia
Enemies: 3 Dwarf Gekko

Run-slash until tripods are down, don't risk your hard work here.

Wave 5-
Equip: Dystopia
Enemies: Grad (Desperado Custom)

Easy, Dystopia (Tactical Sai) SHOULD be glowing purple before the fight starts, use it as soon as GRAD appears or you might be mad. If it connects, just use weak HF slashes until you land on the ground, and rinse, repeat. It is virtually a no-fail. Make SURE Dystopia is PURPLE before you use it, or you will become a dead guy.
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3 years ago#8
Raeng posted...
Should be noted that, imo, the DLC-VR are worse. They are the pure basis of unfun gameplay.

While I foundthem easier for the most part I did find them far more annoying. It just felt like they could've used more polish, especially on some of the later ones.

Compared to the MGS2 ones I found the 50 VRs in Revengeance easier.
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3 years ago#9
MGS2's where just so boring... like doing the same 7 things over and over.

As with Snake tails, I left all the MGS2:S crap unfinished.
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