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3 years ago#1
First off I think it should be made on a next gen system as I'm not sure what I want could be made using the current system specs.

I don't want anything too crazy just:

a LOT more freedom in the things you can cut like pretty much any standing structure. it would be cool if your sword strikes would also cut up the ground too if you're aiming low

Depth variations to cuts instead of everything always automatically being completely cut in 2

I'd like the stuff I cut to stick around instead of magically vanishing into thin air. I understand the problem with having a million little pieces all being animated with the physics engine at once so I would be ok with the little chunks disappearing but I just can't forgive whole enemies vanishing because I cut there toe off

I'd like a few AI tweaks as well

first off I'd like it if enemies would take damage from friendly fire more than they did In rising. I can't count how many times I was fighting a group of enemies only to be shot be a rocket and blown halfway across the map and the guys I was fighting to be completely unfazed. So definitely enable friendly fire

second I'd like the AI to actually not want to hurt their friends so no more of that getting hit by rockets or shot while in the middle of a crowd. Also the same goes for blade strikes. Those guys with the 6 foot swords should do damage to the guy standing next to them when they swing the sword out too far. that we they would be forced to attack you more intelligently so they don't kill their friends.

Third I'd like it if the same rules applied to everyone. If I can be in the middle of a combo and get hit once and be sent flying, the same should apply to enemies who act like being cut with a sword is the same as having wet paper towels chucked at them.

Lastly I'd really really like an open world setting. where you can engage in mission from wherever and however you see fit. I think this would also help with being able to cut up anything you want. If you cut down one way to get somewhere there's always another.
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
I hope (no need) it to be on PS3. Don't think I can afford a PS4 for a while. If it was strictly Kojima he might do that open world setting. It will probably be like first one which is fine by me.

I guess more of the same as far as cutting mechanics with a few new tricks thrown in will suit me. I want something like what was in VGA 2011 trailer where Raiden was slashing like a maniac then delivered one final blow and the guy exploded like a hotdog in a microwave. Also if you press in R3 while cutting in BM you can slow down your cut so you can enjoy it.
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3 years ago#4
Yeah...bring back the berserk Blade mode. As well as...

- Wall Running, Jumping...
- More air tricks (give him booster upgrades so he can pull of similar crap Sam can do, like air dashes and air hikes).
- Weapon-switching on the fly + robust dedicated moveset per weapon.
- Give an alternate optional effect to Zandatsu, namely, instead of cutting people's spines to recharge health and BLADE energy, snatching spines will make Raiden more BLOODTHIRSTY and give temporary increase to his attack power...which can stack the more spines he chain-snatches.
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3 years ago#5
Instead of having to release the right stick to do ur cut, u aim it and press R1. That why ur cut is always accurate and u dont have to claw to get the right cut
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3 years ago#6
If enemys didnt vanish then you cant get no kills without the wooden sword. Although making the stealth camo runaway optional would be nice for those who dont give a ****.
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3 years ago#7
Pats4Life128151 posted...
Instead of having to release the right stick to do ur cut, u aim it and press R1. That why ur cut is always accurate and u dont have to claw to get the right cut

Yes a few updates to the blade mode system would be awesome. One of the reasons I said it should be on something next gen is because I would REEEEALLY like to see digital molecular matter or DMM get fully integrated into this game. Similar to that initial trailer where we see him cut up that van and it actually looks like a van and not a cardboard cut out like everything in this game does.

Instead of each weapon type being a side weapon based around one button I'd like to see each weapon type given a fully fleshed out moveset complete with blade mode. perhaps for the very high damage ones like Bloodlust it would drain blade mode lightning fast but do tons of damage in the mean time.

I'd like a much higher degree of movement and control while in blade mode as well. You can move around the field while doing blade mode but it's very awkward and clunky. I'm not 100% sure it would be a good idea but I'm thinking it might also be a neat idea to be able to move around like normal while in blade mode. Effectively making the blade mode button a slow time button.
3 years ago#8
Bodies sticking around won't happen. Unless you'd like frame rate drops. F*** that.
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3 years ago#9
From: Hunter1534 | #008
Bodies sticking around won't happen. Unless you'd lime frame rate drop. F*** that.

We need PC version! Crank up ALL settings and have maximum body parts laying everywhere!
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3 years ago#10
I'd settle for blood staying after enemies die rather than full bodies, I want to paint the walls red dammit.

But anyway, I think they should add another weapon input to O so we can have a few more moves at any one time. Also some way of switching weapons without having to go into a menu, I hate going into menus mid combat.

Really I'd be happy enough with more content on release and VR missions that are actually fun.
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