Sam is freakin weak!!! Any advice?

#11EminentFatePosted 4/23/2013 11:39:54 AM

I've never, ever upgraded the swords in the main game. Parry Counter's a OHKO on cyborgs on REV difficulty anyway.
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From: NassaDane | #010
Can we be honest here for a sec? Like everybody. Does anyone do this? Upgrade the swords. I have never needed or wanted to do this. Is this some common this or something?

Of course I buy the upgrades, I'm strongly against limiting myself for the sake of making a game more challenging.
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Oh my god, I hope you're not one of those "if you're not making the game harder for your self, then you're doing it wrong" type of people...

If you are, the please stop. If you're not, then I apologize for accusing you. I just hate those people.

Kind of like the elitist DMCers who say that the only way to play is by jump cancelling and with DT distortion.
#14NassaDanePosted 4/23/2013 11:54:05 AM
I'm not saying your doing it wrong or anything. I just don't find it necessary to upgrade. I can't explain it. It just feels like if I tamper with the strength of the sword I'd change the way the game feels? I'm not sure. It just feels wrong to me, not that I feel everyone else is doing it wrong. They can do what they want I was more curious if my viewpoint was more spread outside of myself.

Personally though, to complain about it does seems a little off.
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Ok, I get what you're saying. think you're better than me

Just kidding haha
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Don't play as him?
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