I still think some of the bosses in this game aren't really that great (spoiler)

#11NetherTraitor0Posted 6/9/2013 1:54:45 PM
Ray: Fun as sin.
DLC: The same but with Sam, so worse IMO.

LQ-84i: Fun as well.
DLC: Same as Ray DLC.

Mistral: Fun, but I hate it when bosses rely on common enemies to assist (I call it Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles syndrome).

GRAD: Never faced the double fight so I can't judge.

Monsoon: Feel raw and beast-like to me, so I love it.

Sundowner: FF:CC syndrome comes back with a vengeance, but other than that fun, his theme rocks too, but every song in the game rocks.

Sam: Equal terms rival showdown... My favorite kind of boss fight other than a final boss fight. So I like this one.

Excelsus: Moves are difficult to dodge, but It's still enjoyable (Curse that FF:CC syndrome though).

Senator: Best final boss fight of all time IMO! Every round of it was awesome.
DLC: Haley's Haymaker (the rocket dash punch) is a pain, but other than that he's horrendous.

Khamsin: Awesome, shame the song lyrics don't kick in until the QTE.
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