action games that has good camera

#1tehheadPosted 6/9/2013 8:02:00 AM
uses an old resident evil fixed camera & abit of code veronica (follow up to you depending on where you are in that fixed area

similar to DMC, but at larger spectrum & far away from you

similar to DMC

ninja gaiden 2
full camera control, but lacks lock on, has speed problem?

a very VERY bad full control camera (crashes from auto lock/enemy tracking & slow speed)

full camera control, again, lack lock on

inherit bayonetta problem, and adds it by not having lock on input commands

god of war
bird view all the time to NOT show you character detail during gameplay, but instead adds ability to show environment detail, not fitted for combat, especially in some battle where the game pull the camera away from you until you can't see yourself

so... which hack & slash that actually has good camera control & deep combat really?
#2RaengPosted 6/9/2013 8:07:10 AM
God Hand: only if you mastered it though. At first the camera is ABYSMAL until you learn how the combat system, targeting and radar get into the mix. The camera is 100% fixed and does not move and will even clip through walls to keep you in sight.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within: everyone always forgets about this game but it is an action game in my book and a great one at that. It's got a great camera that can easily keep up with the action, mostly because it was well designed to handle walls and such and is pretty far of but not TOO far off.

Vanquish: technically an action game with guns, great camera.
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#3Xaldin0011Posted 6/9/2013 8:12:18 AM
Out of all the action games I played like DMC, GoW, Bayo, MGR, NG, ect, I never understood the camera complaints. They were all good for me, I never had a problem with any of them, and I play on higher difficulties so I do get pressured alot.

Though I will say the camera zooming out in God of War: Ascension was a HUGE annoyance, especially when Ascension is the hardest God of War. But that's the only GoW game where it was an issue to me.
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#4Xaldin0011Posted 6/9/2013 8:16:50 AM
tehhead posted...
ninja gaiden 2
full camera control, but lacks lock on, has speed problem?

Oh, and btw, you can press R1 and it resets the camera behind Ryu, IIRC. It's a good way to move the camera quickly.
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#5yarrmateysPosted 6/9/2013 8:30:24 AM
God-tier: Vanquish

Good/great tier: none

Ok/serviceable/middling tier: NG, NG2, DMC3, Bayonetta, DMC4, DMC2 (*gasp*)

Pretty bad tier: DMC, God Hand

Ninja dog tier: MGR
#6RaengPosted 6/9/2013 9:03:37 AM
yarrmateys posted...
Pretty bad tier: DMC, God Hand

This has me confused, you really hate God Hand's camera that much? I thought it was amazing.
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#7QuickandtheDeadPosted 6/9/2013 9:46:24 AM
Hmm, so Bayonette, which I haven't played, also has a bad camera like MGR?

Looks like somebody needs to fire the camera crew at Platinum. Camera is my main complaint in MGR.
#8MurphysGhostPosted 6/9/2013 10:00:45 AM(edited)
QuickandtheDead posted...
Hmm, so Bayonette, which I haven't played, also has a bad camera like MGR?

Camera in Bayonetta works fine. It's one of the better cameras in an action game. Full rotation, easy lock on/off, enemy attacks all have sound cues, etc. There's absolutely no reason to ever take a 'cheap' hit in Bayo.

MGR camera isn't even that bad at all when you know how to use it, but Bayo's is perfectly fine. *shrug*

(Edit: Though fair enough, MGR camera requires more conscious effort and babysitting than most. It's certainly not GREAT, but IMO it can be worked with...)

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#9darkslayer001Posted 6/9/2013 10:01:19 AM
anyone recall any complaints for DMC4 camera?
i only had trouble with the camera in higher difficulties in MGR only a couple times.
#10ukokira1Posted 6/9/2013 10:08:16 AM(edited)
Bayo has a great camera. Just gotta turn the default speed up.
MGR... Not so much.
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