This game's music does fit for the Solid games...Metal Gear Solid 2: Rising

#1SSJ_JinPosted 6/10/2013 7:14:53 AM
So according to this topic:

most would say that the MGR music would not fit in the MGS games. I would disagree:


I think they match. Would have been better if I played better, lol. But it's been years since I played MGS2...
#2syctheweilderPosted 6/11/2013 4:21:31 AM
Nooope, Im getting a lot of visual dissonance here.

It might've helped if the music didn't completely drown out the sound effects, though I guess you get credit for kinda sorta matching up the boss themes by lyrical content, for the most part at least.

But really the biggest problem is that the action is just too slow to keep up with the uptempo songs. This is clearest with stains of time, which blasts out of the speakers at it's usual blistering speed, and is matched up with raiden taking out the arsenal tengu at what can barely be called a brisk pace.

That said, The Solidus fight syncs up with It Has to Be This Way ridiculously well.
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The thing is that Rising's music is loud and very personal, as all of the bosses have a fascination with you and the gameplay is about Raiden carving his own path. For Solid the gameplay is subversive, so the tense music it already has is a much better fit.

syctheweilder posted...
That said, The Solidus fight syncs up with It Has to Be This Way ridiculously well.

So much this. As silly as the final boss was, the references put into his character, particularly his parallels to Solidus, are pretty intricate.
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The only one I thought worked was Red Sun/Harrier

The others were too much of a stretch for me to enjoy.