Mistral on Revengeance with Wooden Sword only.

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SigmaAlastor posted...
I think I might call it a day on this, I'm on Monsoon and had another moment similar to Mistral with Monsoon's 'Utopia of Death' in that I can't cut his Helicopters/APCs.

You can easily dodge them (or Ninja Run if you're not allowing skill-purchases). Monsoon can get pretty tricky but there's a few nice tricks to beating him.
I'm not sure if you're allowing items, but if not then you can use the Blade Mode glitch agains Monsoon. In short, activating Blade Mode while near him will trigger one of two reactions. Either he'll start running around you or he'll do his jump slash. You can easily PP the jump slash and then cut his head off.
Without Pincers the best combo against his head is TTTS<forward dodge>T (this way the final T connects against his full body for maximized damage).

You can also dodge during his RP phase for more damage.

> BD fights
Yeah this is a fight everyone hates, and I'm sorry but I don't see it being possible without Nano's on REV. On my Fresh No Customize No Upgrade No Item REV run I HAD to use nano's simply to get through the fight, I ended up with only 1 left in my inventory. Mistral was perfected but Monsoon can really put the hurt on you in that room as his jump slash (which, if turned into a grab, does over 4 nanopastes of damage) makes the camera hurl; turning dodging into a luckfest if you're positioning of him is off.

Good luck!
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