Can Solidus in his complete suit defeat any of the enemies in this game?

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ShadowHearse posted...
Gameplay with Solidus:

L1 to activate blade mode, Left stick for Left Blade, Right stick for Right blade, Controller motion to move the camera. Pressing square will alternate horizontal cuts with each blade, triangle will alternate verticle cuts with each blade.

L3+R3 for President mode.

President mode bulks up his suit like in MGS2, instead of Raiden's laugh he does his typical AUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHH and lights enemies on fire. Same effects as ripper mode.

I love this lol

Yea my main reason for asking this was comparing his suit to what is now the technology in Revengeance. How does his suit technology wise, compare to even the lowest cyborgs in Revengeance?
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Solidus DLC sounds badass. Give us the Fire Dash, too!

He'd need an upgraded suit, fair enough, but I still feel Solidus could potentially do some things in the MGR world. I think he's skilled enough. I guess Sam's exoskeleton probably is a lot more advanced than the MGS2 Doc Ock suit, though. Give Solidus's suit tech equivalent to Sam's exoskeleton and he'd be in business.

Heck, old, dying Solid Snake + a muscle suit surviving MGS4 is probably less believable to me than Solidus being able to take on some MGR cyborgs. ;)
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^Just thrown in some cryofrozen body plus nanomachines to stop aging. And um..... fire proof plastic wraping. and bam we got your solidus
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^ Well yeah, I mean, I'm conveniently ignoring the fact that Solidus is like, extra-super-dead.

Obligatory: "Nanomachines, son!"
"The act of treachery is an art, but the traitor himself is a piece of ****." - Mike Tyson
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Oh, that was brilliant.