Just started playing: Some trick to parrying?/general tips?

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Personally, I think this game isn't about offence, defence or counter-offence. I think it's about speed.

I would agree to some extent, I would say speed and timing to be specific. Or maybe Timing and Precision rather?

Whether its Perfect Parring, Dodging or even just hacking away at a cyborg, whatever you're doing you better make darn sure that the execution is neither too late nor too soon.

Same goes for Zandatsu, while not difficult you don't hit the sweet spot or engage it entirely you'll be missing out a chance to recover any lost health, energy, ID Arms or just generally useful BP.

That reminds me, can you ACTUALLY parry or even perfect parry any of armstrong's attacks at the end? I've never seen it so I was wondering if its even possible...

I've never seen a perfect parry, I've done a regular parry more than once. Some things like his simple punch-kick combos can just be regular parried like any other attack, but I've actually managed to block his Glowing-Yellow-QTE-Activation-Punch-Of-Doom once or twice. I mashed analogue stick forward + square and for some reason it worked. The guy who did the Gray Fox vs. Armstrong thing surmised that it may have been due to his firewalls still being up, but while he's 99.9% certain to be right due to spending months playing the fight over and over, there's always that .1%. Just like when you fight the bosses, now I think about it.