Why do people say that revengeance mode is easier than very hard

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Raeng posted...
REV is harder most of the time, as the agression in crease is pretty scary. But VH can be a lot more annoying as some enemies just take a while to kill. REV's bosses are easier though, as you can all kill them in seconds. Mistral is a joke, Monsoon can be lured into PP's now, Sam dies in seconds, Sundowner is always Sundowner and the Senator falls in a few seconds as well if you're lucky with the QTE you're dealt.

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But VH no upgrades is too fun!

I hated doing that, it was fun on REV but VH just gets so tedious personally. Granted I've done all the hellish playthroughs on VH, but still ;p

Yeah they are tedious, but I love this game too much for some reason. After work every night I pop it in and play. And my weird brain made it part of a ritual I do every night since last year. I guess it's the reward of completing it. It wasn't for a trophy/weapon/etc, it was just for me.
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^Oh same here, I actually got the Platinum really late as I was way to busy doing all sorts of handicap runs on a separate savefile ;p Ah good times. I hope we'll relive it one day with MGR:2.
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alienfetucine posted...
Revengeance is kind of a gimmick mode; it massively increases the damage perfect parries deal. It's sort of like Heaven or Hell in the Devil May Cry games; you die in one hit, but so do most enemies.

So, if you're really good at counter-parrying, it is easier than Very Hard, where you just can't match that damage output, dragging fights on much longer.

Similar concept but they are not executed the same

Heaven or hell mode (at least in DMC3) is literally the opitme of a gimmick mode. Everything dies in one hit, but also consider you as Dante have unlimited firearms, which serve as projectiles. Since you have a rapid fire gun that can hit enemies from an unlimited distance across the screen with a non stop firepower (ebony and ivory) or spiral swords that cause any enemy to get within 5 feet of vergil to die instantly, heaven or hell mode really isn't a difficulty, its more like a fun experience. For that reason, it never offers a notable prize or gallery item, as no real strategy is required for it

Ever try and beat DMC3 Heaven or hell mode using Royal guard? That would be a ridiculously difficult feat, unless you just didn't use styles altogether, and thats kinda what your comparison sounds like. Reveangence mode is most closely this games version dante must die mode, with a massive buff to your perfect parries. Imagine if in DMC3 DMD mode, every time you did a royal release (a similar concept to this games perfect parry counter), it was a golden version (fully charged). That is probably the best way to describe Reveangeance mode. Every enemies health has a big increase in defense in this mode (to my knowledge) which normally makes them take longer to kill. Heaven or hell mode, the enemies always die in one hit, including bosses.

But a perfect parry counter can instantly send most foes into execution mode, and knock 30-40% out of bosses. Most enemies, especially the stronger ones and bosses, can knock out 75%-100% damage in one hit, some even more. The trouble is activating a perfect parry The risk factor is the biggest reason why perfect parries got buffed. It becomes so dangerous drawing in enemies to try and hit you that they (excessively) reward you for parrying them
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