This game ruined the Metal Gear Solid series for me.

#1prince_nagashPosted 6/9/2014 8:25:14 AM
I always enjoyed the MGS games. Lots of fun, creativity, and tactical gameplay.

After playing Rising, it's a lot harder to go back to Snake's gameplay. I might be too impatient, and feel the urge to cut everything to pieces.

My brother always played the MGS series, while I played the DMC series in parallel.

It's nice to play a hack n slash in the Metal Gear universe.
#2Althalus2013Posted 6/9/2014 9:06:15 AM
Oh, patience isn't necessary in Metal Gear Solid. Behold!
Play this. It's good.
#3bvillebroPosted 6/11/2014 7:49:58 AM
Then come in expecting Metal Gear Rising to be a different experience from metal gear solid

They arent the same game, not even the same genre, so i dont see why one would ruin the fun of another. Just note that each game requires a different style and boasts a different experience. MGS has never been about going "gung-ho" and killing everything in sight. Everytime you play an MGS game, your emphasis should be on stealth

This would be like P4: arena ruining the persona series for me
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#4preachinsinPosted 6/11/2014 6:35:56 PM
^ Love it. Just replaying this at the moment.

Huge MGS fan, and I can say this game in no way ruined anything. Raiden was clearly going down a different path after MGS2, and to see that path realized in a way that is both fun and respectful of his history is great to see.

There's room in the MG universe for a lot of different kinds of games. As long as they are well done, I will continue to support the series, wherever it may go...
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#5Balloon-GirlPosted 6/11/2014 10:55:57 PM
I agree, it is like what they did with DragonAge 2.....wait
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#6F0XholePosted 6/12/2014 11:30:02 AM
I'll admit, after playing MGR I was apprehensive to go back to the Solid series. I fell in love with the face-paced action. But it was just like riding a bike. The methodical stealth was once again like second nature to me. I love Rising, but it didn't kill any love for the Solid series (although I'll admit, the sprint button in Ground Zeroes was a welcome addition!)
#7MurphysGhostPosted 6/12/2014 3:29:49 PM
prince_nagash posted...

It's nice to play a hack n slash in the Metal Gear universe.

Yes, indeed. Especially one that's SO Metal Gear outside of the gameplay.

This game has gotten me back into Metal Gear, actually. I always liked the games and the universe, but the stories are SO involved they wind up dragging the pace down a lot. And by the time MGS4 came around I just found it sort of absurd and didn't even finish the game. Rising sort of fixed that, by compressing the story into a simpler form, with mostly action-oriented cutscenes, and by sticking a larger proportion of the details into the CODEC calls.

So, I recently grabbed the MGS HD Collection. It's my first experience with Peace Walker, and I was pleasantly surprised by the whole recruitment / base-building / mercenary dispatch layer. Just makes me think, at this point the MG universe is large enough and spans enough time and different kinds of characters that you could have a lot of different genres fit.

A full-on tactical RPG / strategy game like XCom or something would work. The fast-paced cyborg ninja action game clearly works. And I'd be curious to see the Outer Heaven version of Papers, Please. :P
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