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How the f*** can I git gud?NuckChorrisII310/28 6:20PM
Can't do ng+ on easy? (Yes i played on easy...)burdi1ar810/23 9:21AM
Lost My Metal Gear Revengence Game Save on PS3!! Please Help!deezflyn55210/18 9:41PM
Question about the "Amateur Radio Operator" trophyJuicyboix12510/18 1:51AM
Favorite costumes?scathatch72810/16 6:15PM
BACK TO RISING - PLASMA LAMP AFTER 2plus YEARS pleasemarcbk410/11 6:22PM
Where can I find "Jack the Ripper" scene background music?RoyHavenstone110/7 2:40AM
Senator Armstrong is real, and his name is Donald Trump.chaosflame108109/30 9:32PM
ScrewAttack's Death Battle: Wolverine Vs. Raiden
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
P1_Jake129/29 1:41PM
free dlc for europe/australia?Timic8319/28 6:36AM
I wish we had the option to play as R-00 Raidensmithkakarot59/24 10:15PM
So with Kojima no longer with Konami...LittleYami49/22 12:41AM
Gamestop still selling DLC even after being free for more than a yearcogesh29/8 11:30AM
I still don't get the "I dodged a bullet scene"PrettyTonyTiger58/29/2015
Having Trouble With Final Boss *SPOILERS*DragonbornGamer98/26/2015
Metal Gear Rising Rocks, And Here's Why..._DateMasamune_58/22/2015
Something about Doktor reminds me of the Medic (TF2)smithkakarot28/21/2015
Metal Gear Rising Sucks, And Here's Why...
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Which DLCs should I buy?KVGF00748/14/2015
If there is a sequel...... story spoilers but we all know by now.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
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