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So, does "Jack the Ripper" has his own theme? (Archived)Gjang62/11/2013
So is this more of a stealth game with an action twist, or just an action game? (Archived)
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I wonder what kind of collectibles are gonna be in this game. (Archived)warrenmats72/11/2013
Anybody getting the collector's edition strategy guide? (Archived)ExtremeGamer9392/11/2013
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I think this game has a chance of being one of my top 10 favorite games this gen (Archived)wheepitup52/11/2013
You trolls talk cheap about canceling pre-order (Archived)Schwub82/11/2013
if emma emmerich came back, would raiden kill her? (Archived)Retroxgamer062/11/2013
One....****ING....Week...To go! (Archived)
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Sam's real theme. (Archived)Polo5lash1832/11/2013
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i cant believe this game is only 5 hours long (Archived)
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I probably spent longer than 5 hours playing just the demo (Archived)Syggys52/11/2013
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Does Raiden get naked in this game? (Archived)
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