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Thank God this is 60 FPS (Archived)
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Question about Raiden's sword sheath (Archived)
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Cool Programmers Blog for MGRR (Archived)Ace10of27Spades82/12/2013
People whining about "hours", I have a challenge. (Archived)overmaxx72/12/2013
MGR fanart thread. (Archived)
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The Building Of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Archived)Observer32122/12/2013
Python? (Archived)Patriarch105102/12/2013
So I pre-ordered the game at EB games and I heard you also get a new weapon... (Archived)Big_Brownie2572/12/2013
Feedbackula for this games going to be awesome (Archived)snakes_codec22/12/2013
MGR best MG this generation (Archived)Run_2_the_Hills52/12/2013
Where did most of the Blade Mode go? (Archived)DullahansXMark82/12/2013
Future DLC Ideas (Archived)
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Am I the only one who likes Raiden more than Solid Snake, Big Boss,and The Boss? (Archived)
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"K.o.!" (Archived)PitWit22/12/2013
Lol'd hard @ this video (Archived)destructoclaus42/12/2013
Where did Hideo go? (Archived)Jeff Zero52/12/2013
I think ign will crap all over this game anyone else think so (Archived)
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One statement to put all trolls in their place (Archived)
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Where did most the stealth go (Archived)Josh200062/12/2013
white armor trailer (Archived)
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