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Do you remember the day we met? (Archived)Hades19292/12/2013
HD collection? (Archived)Patriarch10592/12/2013
Do any of the pre-order DLCs affect gameplay? (Archived)
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I know the 5-hour threads have been done to death, but... (Archived)DullahansXMark42/12/2013
do you think Rising's cast of characters is underwhelming? (Archived)
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Pre-Ordered MGSR:R. Super Psyched (Archived)XGP15A22672/12/2013
Is it me.....or does this board have more trolls than normal? (Archived)
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How much of Raiden's body is still human? (Archived)
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Has this game leaked at all? I don't want to ask the wrong questions... (Archived)3khc32/12/2013
P+ DMC Vergil game with Blade Mode (Archived)prince_nagash52/12/2013
Preorder in the UK from shopto if you want the fox skin (Archived)
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Anybody here played Shadow Dancer before? (Archived)Gjang92/12/2013
easy game (Archived)
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Demo Secrets (Archived)
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Does this game come with online feature or just single player mode? (Archived)Walexandro22/12/2013
why anyone is suprise about the 5 hour crap? (Archived)
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Bayonetta was a short game too. (Archived)
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I'm hoping the gamestop I pre-ordered from has the lamp on display. (Archived)FOXSOLID32/12/2013
This or DMC Collection (Archived)
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Played the demo a second time today and im going to get it now. (Archived)XNo_FearX42/12/2013
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