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FACT: This game potentially would never have existed without Platinum Games! (Archived)Sairos72/5/2013
So what are the chances of Infinite Blade Mode meter? (Archived)FOXSOLID62/5/2013
Do you think the LE will be worth much? (Archived)Bancario5152/5/2013
Was hyped before... tried the demo, saw trailers... I NEED this. (Archived)
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Superbowl (Archived)
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Will i have to beat Metal gear solid 4 to understand this??? (Archived)
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Ninja Run on hostage situations (VR mode) (Archived)HellishMetal12/5/2013
Man Raiden can really use the edge of glory (Archived)TearsfoUniverse22/5/2013
must see (Archived)shippuden2182/5/2013
Pincer blades have a HEAVY impact pausing effect.... (Archived)
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How do you do the Blade Mode Canceling? (Archived)mario789062/5/2013
THEY COST NOT LOTS :p (Archived)obliviondoll12/5/2013
Did anyone attempt to ask the devs if Sam's sword is attainable? (Archived)
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Does a 2nd platnium build mean altered gameplay? (Archived)uugyiykhiyyk32/5/2013
I wonder if the final game will have the supporting characters over Codec... (Archived)sephiroth06892/5/2013
metal gear rising revengeance collector's guide should I get it (Archived)tnawrestling6242/5/2013
No one is talking about the elephant in the room. (Archived)
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Dead on!!! (Archived)
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Gamestop Preorder (Archived)BassXX102/4/2013
I will have fun slicing sundowner (Archived)MGRRevengeance62/4/2013
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