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Id recommend N+ XBLA game for platform creation hopefuls over Kodu (Archived)GSPgreases19/25/2012
pick up ammo and use it on shoot (Archived)antonismaggot13/29/2012
Making a 2D platform game in Kodu: some questions. (Archived)Armaniguru13/2/2012
@AlienGoatSr No problem (Archived)GSPgreases19/30/2011
thank you GSPgreases... (Archived)AlienGoatSr18/5/2011
How to program Kodu for Lock on Target / Heatseeking missiles (Archived)GSPgreases32/25/2011
How to make a flash light in kodu game lab (Archived)GSPgreases12/24/2011
Easiest way to transform in Kodu Game Lab (Archived)GSPgreases12/24/2011
How to program a plane / Jet in Kodu Game Lab (Archived)GSPgreases12/23/2011
Hearing program setting doesnt work, thhis is the solution (Archived)GSPgreases12/23/2011
List of improvements that could be made via patch (Archived)GSPgreases11/18/2011
How to Grenades for combat/Shooting games (Archived)GSPgreases21/7/2011
Don't be scared to give your game some music (Archived)GSPgreases11/7/2011
Kodu game ideas thread (Archived)GSPgreases51/7/2011
You can change color of Blips / Missiles. And add gun sound effects (Archived)GSPgreases11/7/2011
How to make usable Gun turrets Rambo style (Archived)GSPgreases11/7/2011
2d platformers obstacles (Archived)GSPgreases11/4/2011
Useful tips for making platformers (Archived)GSPgreases51/4/2011
Easiest way to transform into another character (Archived)GSPgreases11/1/2011
Tip for level designing (Gauge) (Archived)GSPgreases21/1/2011
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